R T Dalgliesh Fine Art

Providing for my family. Creating beautiful things for you. Loving my job. Scrapbooking with the Yeti.
— Ryan

The Idea

I had been traveling and preaching for over two decades and I was exhausted. I decided I wanted to be home hanging out with my family and pastoring the few people at our tiny church. How amazing would it be to be able to spend time with my boys and date my wife without feeling like I was squeezing them into my schedule? I wanted to work on my terms, spend more time with my friends, and do what I could to show the people of our community love and grace. Having majored in art at Texas Tech University I decided it was time to dust off my skills and get to work. My gracious wife Michele was happy for our home to explode with art supplies and easels. That was 2015. Here I am a few years later having the time of my life. 

Your purchase feeds my family. Seriously. Thank you. It was painting or mime work. But i'm claustrophobic.

Style & Subject Matter

I certainly lean toward impressionism. I use large brush strokes and thick texture. I love it when the paint sticks up off the canvas and creates a virtual landscape of valleys and mountains. The more outrageous the color the better. Without a doubt I love to paint animals. A four foot T-Rex head, or a rainbow moose, and even a collection of pop art cows can make me so happy. So happy in fact I am frequently found throwing handfuls of colorful confetti into the air, surrounding myself with rainbows, singing with parrots, and riding unicorns in celebration upon the completion of a painting.

I am also working more with acrylic pours, spray paint, and various abstract styles which I hope will appeal to a new audience. 

Want something with a bit more natural color scheme? We can talk about that too.

It's fun to have fun. Be sure to read the descriptions of each painting.

2018 Events

I'm looking forward to 2018. It is going to be a great year. 


Look for my June show to feature several new pieces from my African Safari Series. 

More details coming soon. Because it's getting late and I'm tired and really want some peanut M & M's.