R T Dalgliesh Fine Art

Shipping Methods

I always try to ship the easiest way and the cheapest way for my customer. I haven't had a single piece of art lost or damaged when using my current shipper. Hector has always taken great care of the pieces my customers and clients have purchased. But it isn't cheap to send a piece of art, especially the large ones. Shipping price is determined by size. 

Prices Vary: 
Size of the painting determines the price of shipping. You need to plan on spending about 10-15% the cost of your painting on shipping. I will do everything I can to keep the cost town and your painting protected. 

If you are local or know you will be coming through town soon then you can always pick up your order at the gallery for no additional cost.



If you buy an original piece of art from me there are no returns ever. Unless it was damaged in shipping. In which case you will need to provide me images of the damages painting, packaging, and tracking number so I can file a claim. 

If you ordered a custom piece I don't take returns as you will be given ample opportunity to make changes to the piece during the painting process.