R T Dalgliesh Fine Art



If you are commissioning a painting 50% is due before i'll begin the work. That money can not be returned to you. This is money I use to buy supplies that will be needed for your piece. I will keep you updated on the progress of your painting with emails and photos. If you should choose not to purchase your commission at any point all you have to do is let me know. Your deposit will not be refunded to you. I highly encourage you to make yourself familiar with the many types of work I do so that you will have an idea of what to expect. I will also be quick to let you know if i feel that your request is beyond my abilities and will gladly point you in the direction of another artist. I want you to be thrilled with your painting. Once the piece is finished and you are happy with it and pay the remaining 50% I'll ship your painting to you.

You do get to make two requests for changes during the review process. When I finish your piece you will review it via photos (or in person if you live locally) and can make changes at that point. You will be given another chance for review after the first round of changes and i will make final changes at that point. Changes after the second review will be an additional $100 each. 


I know the temptation is to consider a piece based on pricing but I promise you considering the space you want to fill is more important. Better to save up for another few months to get a perfect size than to be forever disappointed you didn't go bigger. Or perhaps you don't need a large piece, maybe two or three small ones would be better. Let's figure that out together. I can show you exactly what a piece will look like in your space before you even order it. I want you to be happy with your piece. That's important to me. Sometimes people pick the wrong size painting for the space they have available so first thing we want to do is to make sure that the piece you have selected will work perfectly in your home/office. The way we do that is to have you take a picture of a location or two that you want to hang your piece of art and email it to me. Having done that i'll drop in several sized pictures so that you can get a feel of exactly what the painting you are buying will look like in your home. 

Art should be something you enjoy, never something you regret.

Pricing is always based on size and never on content or complexity.

In TEXAS sales tax will be added at the rate of 8.25%

Shipping will be added automatically on all orders made through the website or via the invoice I send you if you are commissioning a piece.

                      ORIGINALS                      ABSTRACT ORIGINALS

                   ($1.35 per sq in)                  ( $1 per sq in)


The smallest commission I accept is 12"x12" for $195. 

I do not do portraits, but am happy to recommend an artist to you. Technically I do paint portraits, but at this point not as commissions.


If you purchase a piece from my personal collection via this website it will be shipped to you within 7 days of your order. You don't get to make changes to pieces in my collection. (If for some reason I can't ship it to you within seven days I will let you know immediately)