R T Dalgliesh Fine Art

Providing for my family. Helping you to curate your story. Loving my job.
— Ryan

Become a Collector/Historian

Art exists as a fundamental part of our world and culture. Art tells stories and keeps history. Art drives conversation and dreams. We would do well to stand more often in quiet museum halls and working art studios. In doing so, we drink in snapshots of the artist, their work, their mood, their struggles, and their victories.

Learn to collect art. When you become an art collector you curate your private museum; a visual library built of acrylic, oils, canvas, and bronze that not only tells rich stories of the artist(s) but the collector as well.

I'll keep painting what's in my heart, and one day there will be a piece that connects with yours. Then we will come together as artist and collector each with a bit more insight into the other.

2019 Events

I’ve got some things in the works and as soon as I have details I’ll let you know. Hopefully I’ll be in your neck of the woods sometimes soon and we can connect.